Keywords = Grain yield
Phenotypic stability analysis of barley promising lines in the cold regions of Iran

Volume 8, Issue 2, October 2018, Pages 17-29


Habibollah Ghazvini; A. Pour-Aboughadareh; M. Sharifalhosseini; S. A. Razavi; S. Mohammadi; M. Ghasemi Kalkhoran; A. Fathi Hafshejani; Gh. Khakizadeh

Identifying superior barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) genotypes using GGE-biplot across warm and moderate environments under irrigated conditions in Iran

Volume 7, Issue 2, November 2017, Pages 23-35


Zahra Sadat Taheripourfard; Ali Izadi-Darbandi; Habibollah Ghazvini; Mohsen Ebrahimi; Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Mortazavian; Moslem Abdipour

Analysis of genotype and genotype × environment interaction in durum wheat in warm rainfed areas of Iran

Volume 2, Issue 2, July 2012, Pages 71-78


M. Mohammadi; R. Karimizadeh; M. Mohammadi; N. Sabaghnia; T. Hosseinpour; M. K. Shafazadeh

Gene action for some agronomic traits in maize (Zea mays L.)

Volume 1, Issue 2, July 2011, Pages 133-141


Mohammad Reza Bihamta; Eslam Majidi Heravan; Mohammad Mojtaba Kamelmanesh; M. Zare; R. Choukan; M. R. Bihamta; E. Majidi Heravan; M. M. Kamelmanesh

Adaptive traits related to terminal drought tolerance in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes under field conditions

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 55-71

G. Najafian; A. Jafarnejad; A. Ghandi; R. Nikooseresht; G. Najafian; A. Jafarnejad; A. Ghandi; R. Nikooseresht